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Spark Loyalty® Small Business Success Channel

On this channel, we share retail success tips and tricks to empower independent retailers and help you get the most out of your business. If you own or manage a local retail store, the Spark Loyalty channel is created especially for you.

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Channel Topics

The Small Business Success with Spark Loyalty YouTube channel covers all kinds of retail topics, such as how to improve your customer experience and build loyalty, best practices for using customer and sales data, and how to market your business to new potential customers.

We’ll be covering five key topics on this channel:

  1. Actionable ways to grow your business no matter the season

  2. How to create a happy and delightful space for customers and staff

  3. How to connect with other small businesses and support one another

  4. Customer loyalty solutions and best practices to engage your customers

  5. Celebrating the spirit of independent retailers and the buy local movement


Introducing Our Host – Amy Shephard, Retail Store Manager Extraordinaire

Amy Shephard manages a local toy store in downtown Olympia, WA, so she knows a thing or two about independent retail. SnowShoe asked Amy to host the Small Business Success with Spark Loyalty YouTube channel.

Amy’s store uses Spark® technology to engage their customers, and we’re so glad she agreed to host this channel. You can contact Amy here.

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Current Episodes on the Small Business Success Channel

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