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EPISODE 066 : 06/16/2022

Tommy Yionoulis

Tommy Yionoulis is the Founder of OpsAnalitica, a mobile operations data capture, accountability management, and analytics platform focused on the food-service industry. Drawing from his extensive career in food industry management, including at P.F. Chang’s and Quiznos, Tommy developed the OpsAnalitica platform to help businesses manage their daily operations and identify issues before they affect sales, profits, and customer satisfaction.

Host: Ned Hayes and Ashley Coates
Guest: Tommy Yionoulis

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Topics discussed in this episode

  • Detailed small business insights from Olympia, Washington
  • Small business resiliency and adaptation during COVID
  • Doubling community outreach during the pandemic
  • Opportunities for small business loyalty programs

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Audio Transcript

Ned Hayes [00:00:09] Welcome to SparkPlug, where we talk to smart people working at the intersection of business and technology.