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Spark Tap™

The Spark Tap™ is a hands-free fixed-point check-in device for retailers and other businesses.  SnowShoe securely captures each user event, and then uses our unique algorithm to validate each check-in event. Our secure system then transmits the data to you for use in your own analytics and behavioral modeling systems. All SnowShoe products are available via standard per-event pricing

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Use Cases

Leading retailers, government entities and healthcare providers leverage the SnowShoe mobile authentication platform to provide a Covid-safe way of strengthening customer loyalty, expediting physical perimeter access and hardening authentication solutions with SnowShoe’s secure and unspoofable third factor identification algorithm.


Customers use the Spark Tap™ to instantly win loyalty points, earn prizes, redeem special offers, or unlock access to exclusive experiences. The Spark Tap™ offers a secure, Covid-safe and paperless method that delights customers and employees.

Physical Presence

Companies and government entities who must restrict physical entry and need to limit site ingress install the Spark Tap™ as a core component in a secure IAM system. Give your organization true peace of mind by securing your physical perimeter with Spark Tap™.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Spark Tap™ works in tandem with keycard entry systems and biometric authentication. On their own, biometrics can be faked and PINs can be hacked. But the Spark Tap™ delivers a secure physical point of presence that can’t be spoofed, hardening your security system and make your authentication verification smarter.