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The Spark Touch Platform®

A fully Customizable Mobile loyalty program

Incentivize and reward customers without asking for personal information.

SnowShoe’s proprietary system is used by 1000s of retail locations around the world today — now you can have in your store the same tools used by enterprise retailers to garner retail loyalty and keep your customers coming back for more. 

Replace Outdated Paper Punch Cards

The Spark Touch® platform replaces the paper punch card and simplifies every retailer’s loyalty program.

Millions of paper cards are given out to consumers, and many of them end up thrown away or unused. Plus, the traditional paper punch card has several drawbacks:

  • Costs of printing physical cards
  • No customer behavioral insights
  • E-commerce activity can’t be tracked

Spark Touch® provides a completely customizable experience — just like a paper punch card — but with added benefits for your staff and customers.

Keep your customers coming back for more.

Protect Your Customer’s Privacy

Spark Touch® does not require personal customer data at sign-up.

Most digital loyalty systems require consumers to give personal information in order to create an account. This can create friction and hesitancy with customers and prevent them from signing up. It also creates liability for your business should you experience a data breach.

Spark Touch® allows customers to download the app and start earning points right away — with no barrier to entry. Consumers track their own activity and carry a record of that activity on their own mobile phones. That activity is verifiable by you on our analytics platform, but doesn’t expose private customer data to you — it’s a win-win for privacy and loyalty!

How It Works

Your store places one of our secure devices near the register or at your front door (we recommend the Spark Stamp or the Spark Tap)

Customer opens the store’s app or mobile website on their iOS or Android phone.

Customer touches their phone to the Spark device and registers a “check-in”.

Event log is stored in the cloud and can be synced to any new device registered to the user.

Retailer can access customer loyalty information and provide discounts and prizes.
  • Retailer can also ask the customer for (optional) SMS or email contact information, to reward and communicate with customers.

Benefits of Spark Touch

For Small Businesses:

  • Use an enterprise-class loyalty system
  • Customize to your business
  • Get insight into customer behavior
  • Analytics to measure your loyalty goals
  • New customer outreach opportunities
  • Straightforward pricing and installation
  • Minimal training needed for staff
  • $99 flat fee — no locked contracts or set-up fees like other digital loyalty programs

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For Customers:

  • Simple to understand and use
  • Sign-up is straightforward
  • No more paper cards to manage or lose
  • No requirement to provide personal data
  • Fun and familiar stamping experience

Mobile App Experience (Customer)

  1. Sign-in to the app
  1. Touch phone to SnowShoe device in the store
  1. See your points update in real time, specific to each store
  1. View your rewards progress, and redeem your prizes