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Spark Stamp®

SnowShoe Spark Stamps provide a secure check-in for retailers and other businesses. SnowShoe authenticates each pattern and securely transmits IoT analytics data. When a Spark Stamp comes into contact with the screen,  SnowShoe checks this pattern to authenticate which stamp is in use and then returns the data to you for use in your own behavioral modeling systems. SnowShoe solutions are available via our per-event pricing system. 


Enterprises across the globe are using Spark Stamps to power their loyalty, events, transaction and check-in systems. To find out more about how to effectively deploy and make use of the proprietary Spark Stamp technology, please read our FAQ: 

Use Cases

Leading organizations leverage the SnowShoe mobile authentication platform to strengthen customer loyalty, expedite validation processes, and offer the kind of personal interaction customers want.


Guests collect digital stamps to instantly win prizes, earn points towards special offers, unlock access to exclusive experiences or to receive sponsored merchandise. Spark Stamps™ offers a secure, paperless method that delights customers and employees.


Customers can easily check-in for reservations, access information at self-serve locations, and unlock VIP experiences with a digital stamp solution. Spark Stamps™ are a low-cost solution that removes expensive scanners and equipment.


Shoppers have coupons validated, redeem single-use coupons, request information, and access special offers with their mobile phone. Spark Stamps™ cannot be replicated to prevent coupon fraud.

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