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Spark-Free Tap®

The Spark-Free Tap® is a hands-off intrinsically safe fixed-point check-in device for the oil and gas industry, under certification review as intrinsically safe and valid for use in flammable and hazardous environments. SnowShoe securely captures each user event, and then uses our unique algorithm to validate each check-in event. Our secure system then transmits the data to you for use in your own analytics off-site. The Spark-Free Tap® are available via standard per-event pricing

Security on Site

Leading oil and gas equipment providers, leasing agents, facility maintenance contractors, government entities and other system providers leverage the SnowShoe Spark-Free Tap authentication platform to provide an intrinsically safe way of strengthening customer loyalty, expediting physical perimeter access and hardening their on-site equipment maintenance solutions with SnowShoe’s secure and non-elecctrically powered third factor identification algorithm.

Secure Validation of Site Rounds

Companies and government entities who must restrict physical entry and need to limit site ingress install the Spark-Free Tap as a core component in a secure IAM system. Give your organization true peace of mind by securing your physical perimeter with Spark-Free Tap.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The Spark-Free Tap works in tandem with keycard entry systems and biometric authentication. On their own, biometrics can be faked and PINs can be hacked. But the Spark-Free Tap delivers a secure physical point of presence that can’t be spoofed, hardening your security system and make your authentication verification smarter.

Consumer-Facing Applications

Consumer facing events and facilities also can use the Spark-Free Tap® to provide check-in capabilities for government entities and other personnel with access to a site or a storefront. You can even use the device system to provide exclusive experiences to personnel at your facility. The Spark-Free Tap™ offers a secure, Covid-safe and paperless method that delights consumers and employees.