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Spark Checkin®

Spark Checkin is the preferred two-factor identity verification and site rounds validation system built on the same patented technology trusted by Fortune 100 businesses. The Spark system features ruggedized hardware that does not require electricity, network connectivity or batteries, as well as an audit trail and analytics for employee performance analysis.

Designed by biometric identity verification experts and trusted by millions worldwide. 

Secure Rounds Validation

SnowShoe developed this state-of-the-art Spark Checkin system as a secure non-technical solution.

✔ Simple to install, with no technical logins required

✔ Easy for any untrained staff member to use

✔ Provides verifiable location+biometrics+time stamps

✔ Complete data performance analytics with audit trail

The Spark® system has registered more than 25 million check-in events in 1000s of locations worldwide in 14 different countries. Today, 3 million people trust our technology!

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Multi-Purpose Checkin System – Speedy, Reliable, Verifiable

The Spark Checkin system allows for personnel to be registered in 30 seconds and for each location check-in to take place within 15 seconds of arrival. Spark Checkin is thus highly applicable in fast-paced working environments such as:

  • Secure perimeter checks
  • Detex guard monitoring
  • Oil pump facility functional reviews
  • Nursing and healthcare facility rounds
  • Childcare dropoff and pickup
  • Banking and finance vault clearance
  • Real estate and property security 

Each registration takes less than a minute, and locks in a complete verifiable physical identity. Each round checkin takes less than 15 seconds, and with Spark technology, you can verify
who was there, when they were there, and where exactly they were in the building at that time. Book a demo:

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Secure and Reliable Technology

SnowShoe is uniquely focused on mobile authentication utilizing our ruggedized capacitive touch devices. We have revolutionized point of presence – with our technology, digital meets the real world. Secure, battery-free, and easy to integrate. Spark devices are uniquely identifiable, locking in a specific location and time of day.

No Connectivity or Batteries Required
No batteries, wires or antennas. Spark devices are built to last without costly overhead and without a connection to a wireless or wired network. Our ruggedized system allows for long-term use in the field without the need for recharging. 

How it Works
Spark devices work by using the capacitance of a person’s body and touchscreen. When a stamp comes into full contact with the screen, the mobile device sees a specific pattern. We use this pattern to authenticate which stamp is in-use and then return this information to the backend of our system for secure reporting and analytics.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Systems that only require one type of check-in at a location don’t provide verifiable security. Spark Checkin is a system built on multiple disparate factors, all of which contribute to a complete picture of the check-in event. 

Biometric + Identity Validation
Our location monitoring system requires each guard or site monitor to first register using a valid state or federal identity card. This identity card is then matched against an instant biometric face identification. These two factors are then locked securely into our backend system. 

Accurate Point of Presence Validation
Spark Checkin works by creating a secure and proprietary multi-touch pattern that must be physically touched by a person in order to register an event. This secure system has never been artificially reproduced or spoofed in a production environment. This is in contrast to insecure location systems based on QR codes, RFID IDs and NFC codes, that can all be spoofed or otherwise hacked. 

Time of Event Validation
Spark Checkin can capture events in real-time and report these events to our secure analytics system. Events that are captured offline are still time-tagged with accuracy, and location is tied to time of event so that audit trails can be validated. 

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