Spark® Solution Set

The Spark® system has been delivered in over 30,000 devices with over 25 million check-in events. Customized integrations with point-of-sale systems and loyalty programs are available. Our award-winning system includes check-in devices in many form factors, from flat to fixed to mobile and hand-held. SnowShoe securely captures each event and transmits data for your business. Read more about  our patented Spark® devices:

TAP     :     STAMP     :     CARD           

Snowshoe Stamp for Retail Loyalty


Ditch the punch cards and delight guests with a better path to rewards.

SnowShoe for Customer Check-in


Unlock access to unique experiences, content and more to authenticated customers.sdfsdf

SnowShoe Spark Solutions for Coupons


Fraud-proof your discounts and special offers to provide real value to your best customers.

Consumer Retail: Loyalty & Rewards

Thousands of retailers worldwide have installed the SnowShoe Spark™ solution. Retail establishments from large shopping malls to franchise operations to individual mom-and-pop stores have successfully used SnowShoe’s technology to drive customer loyalty, track coupon delivery and enable location-aware shopping experiences.

drive customer loyalty
drive customer loyalty
drive customer loyalty

Our team has talked to many retailers. Susan, for example, is the owner of a multi-site coffee and pastry business. During Covid, her primary business location was forced to move from in-room breakfast and coffee to a pick-up and delivery-only model. SnowShoe’s Spark Stamp™ solution can help Susan to continue to build a relationship with her customers and drive customer loyalty to her store through text messaging to consumers who use the Spark Stamp™ for their daily coffee checkins, driving additional retention of her customers during a difficult period. Research shows that driving customer loyalty rates by just 5% increases your company’s profit from 25% to 95%.

When Susan deploys the Spark Stamp™ solution to her additional sites, she will be able to use Spark Insights to see how her most loyal customers interacted with her company across her multiple locations. Using our data insights, Susan will be able to drive customer loyalty with a modern interface. In fact, 79% of consumers are more likely to join a rewards program that doesn’t require them to carry a physical card. The Spark Stamp™ fills this critical need to drive customer loyalty. 

with your own identity and access management solution.

Identity & Access Management: Physical Security

SnowShoe has deployed 30,000 unique check-in devices worldwide used for over 25 million check-in events. Our devices are used in a variety of environments to assist businesses with driving customer loyalty, as well as understanding their customers and employees activities throughout facilities or in securely accessing the physical perimeter of their operational building sites.

security - drive customer loyalty

Our new Spark Tap™ product is now in market. We work closely with security professionals like Neelay, a senior manager for a team of site security experts. Neelay’s team is contracted to manage security for a large multi-site manufacturing facility. The team runs a rotation of sixteen guards on site at different locations, rotating on eight hour shifts, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The SnowShoe solution that works for Neelay’s team is the Spark Tap™, a stand-alone system that Neelay can install as a fixed check-in location at every security location throughout the multi-acre manufacturing facility. The change from a personal perimeter check or a camera check for Neelay can help him to achieve a significant return on investment. The use of the Spark Tap™ can allow Neelay’s team to cut back on rotational inspections, beacon-aware systems, and additional facial recognition cameras, hardware and software, and save significantly with these ongoing efficiencies.

Spark™ Insights can also provide Neelay’s customers with transparent data about his team’s activities, leading to a high degree of confidence.

The change from a personal perimeter check or a camera check over to Spark Tap™ can allow Neelay to cut back on rotational inspections, beacon-aware systems, and additional facial recognition cameras, hardware and software, saving his company dramatically in their overall security budget.

The secure nature of the Spark Tap™ can allow for Neelay’s company to commit to a high level of physical perimeter protection for his client. Spark Insights also can provide his customers with transparent data about his team’s activities, leading to a high degree of confidence. The outsourced contract security industry is now worth nearly $30 billion, and it’s a highly competitive space — Neelay needs every edge he can get. Spark Tap™ provides a critical competitive advantage and drive customer loyalty. 

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Customer Verification: Delivery Service

SnowShoe’s team comes out of a deep background in identity and access management, with experience deploying nationwide systems in biometric verification, FBI authentication and national facial recognition systems. As experts in physical and biometric security, we’re very excited that our products that meet the need for disposable third-factor authentication that drive customer loyalty. Our conversations with customers helped to refine the vision for the Spark Card™ product.

delivery - drive customer loyalty

Kirstin is the regional manager for a nationwide delivery service who needs to validate when a package is not only delivered, but when the consumer receives and opens that package. Kirstin knows that her service is essential — in fact, 40% of shoppers consider delivery to be the single most decisive factor in the shopping experience. The delivery experience is the single factor that can drive customer loyalty. Secure delivery with verified recipients is the heart of the value proposition behind Kirstin’s successful business. Prior to Covid, Kirstin used a driver with a sign-in board. Covid has made such in-person check ins problematic and potentially dangerous to her employees.

Today, there are over one billion re-delivery attempts every day, and verifying these transactions is increasingly difficult in the Covid world. Post-Covid, McKinsey predicts that over 80% of all packages will be delivered autonomously. Managers like Kirstin will continue to grapple with the challenge of trying to verify when you don’t have a person with a clipboard at the door.

Today, delivery providers like Kirstin can use the new Spark Card™ as a solution to deliver with each of the verified packages. When a consumer receives a package from Kirstin’s team, they can use the Spark Card™ themselves to verify receipt of her deliveries. The Spark Card™ can make it possible for her business to securely and reliably verify package receipt to her customers, even in the rapidly approaching new world of autonomous package deliveries. Together with SnowShoe, Kirstin can continue to drive customer loyalty. 

with your own identity and access management solution.

What We Offer

Spark Solutions

SnowShoe provides world-class check-in solutions that pinpoint retail locations, lock in loyalty, and protect physical perimeters. Leading retailers, government entities and healthcare providers leverage the SnowShoe mobile authentication platform to provide a safe and secure way of strengthening customer loyalty, expediting physical perimeter access and hardening authentication solutions with SnowShoe’s secure third factor identification algorithm.


Customers use Spark™ solutions to instantly win loyalty points, earn prizes, redeem special offers, or unlock access to exclusive experiences. SnowShoe delivers a secure, Covid-safe and paperless method that delights customers and employees.

Physical Presence

Companies and government entities who must restrict physical entry and need to limit site ingress install Spark™ solutions as a core component in a secure IAM system. Give your organization true peace of mind by securing your physical perimeter with Snowshoe check-in solutions.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Spark™ solutions work in tandem with keycard entry systems and biometric authentication. On their own, biometrics can be faked and PINs can be hacked. But SnowShoe’s secure Spark™ solutions delivers a physical point of presence that can’t be spoofed, hardening your security system and make your authentication verification smarter.

Our Solution Features

Native Apps and Mobile Web
Just a few lines of code in your iOS or Android mobile app or mobile web page gets you started.

Uniquely Identifiable
Our system uses a unique and patented identifier, which allows for rich insights on your customers, redemptions and engagement.

Online or Offline
Authenticate offers and tickets whether or not wireless service is available at your location or event.

Pass the Security Test
SnowShoe identifiers cannot be replicated, manipulated or spoofed from a distance, so your valuable offers are fraud-proof.