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Spark® Solutions

Spark® tech is used today by over 6 million shoppers in 30,000 devices with over 25 million check-in events. Today, our software and hardware is used with point-of-sale systems and loyalty programs worldwide. Our award-winning system includes a complete software platform that drives consumer loyalty, provides rewards and delivers customer engagement at scale. 

Spark Loyalty: Smarter Loyalty for Independent Retailers

Thousands of retailers worldwide have installed SnowShoe’s unique Spark Loyalty® system. Retail establishments from large shopping malls to franchise operations to individual mom-and-pop stores have used SnowShoe’s technology to drive customer loyalty and engage their customers. Enjoy our recent case studies here or read on for a solution overview. 

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Spark Loyalty® is the leading loyalty solution for independent retailers, used by over 6 million shoppers and thousands of retailers. We provide a completely customizable, white-labeled retail loyalty solution that features a simple and delightful interface, multi-location support, and unlimited text message and email campaigns so that you can reach your customers anywhere, anytime. Spark Loyalty also provides retailers with a complete dashboard and customer analytics. We’ve designed Spark Loyalty specifically to meet the needs of independent retailers like you. Spark Loyalty was created to be:

Simple to install

✔ Easy for staff and customers to use

✔ Cost-effective with no long-term contract required

of our leading Spark Loyalty system today!

Retail Districts: Empowering the Buy Local Movement at Scale

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The Downtown retail district in Olympia Washington deployed SnowShoe’s complete Spark Tap® and Spark Stamp® solution, making the system available to over 170 stores in Olympia. Their goal was to drive customer loyalty with a modern gamified experience. A new Spark® powered loyalty program filled this critical need to drive customer loyalty for stores like Compass Rose in Olympia. Dean Jones

Now that stores are open again, Kae and many other downtown businesses in Olympia signed up for SnowShoe’s Go Downtown loyalty system, a program developed by SnowShoe for local downtown retail. 

One of the participating store managers is Dean Jones of Encore Chocolate and Teas. “It’s about building connections,” says Jones. “I think what SnowShoe offers can definitely do that. Because you’re building connections among businesses. If we were the only store downtown, we wouldn’t survive.” 

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of a Spark™ powered loyalty solution for retail districts.

Transactions: Sweepstakes, Coupons & Rewards

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Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio wanted to create a fun and interactive promotion for the park’s 150th Anniversary celebration. The goal of the promotion was to amplify the park experience by incentivising guests to visit multiple locations within the 364-acre park. Cedar Point worked with Merkle, a global leader in customer experience management, to create the celebratory promotion utilizing SnowShoe’s Spark Tap® device solution.

“The Spark Tap® was a way for guests to do something a little more interactive,” says Stephanie Gentile, Merkle Vice President. It was a fun way to have the guests say ‘Hey, I’m here!’ and instantly find out if they had won or not. For Cedar Point, the Taps were a way to validate that the person was actually physically there at that location in the park.”

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of a transaction and coupons system powered by Spark™ .

Spark Touch: fully Customizable Mobile loyalty

SnowShoe’s new Spark Touch® software system powers mobile applications that use our capacitive touch solutions from the Spark Tap® to the Spark Stamp® and the Spark Card®.

The new Spark Touch® platform provides developers with all the tools necessary to seamlessly integrate their business with SnowShoe’s platform. Our pre-built service includes a complete user experience flow for Android and iOS, a pre-built identity login framework and direct pre-built integrations into the SnowShoe cloud service.

With Spark Touch®, businesses of all sizes can introduce a state-of-the-art loyalty and rewards program at a fraction of the time, without hiring a software development team and without investing in your own bulky hardware. The software can be easily customized for any use and the unique proprietary magic of Spark® devices can be branded for your business.

The Spark Touch Solution

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Identity & Access Management: Perimeter Security

SnowShoe has deployed 30,000 unique check-in devices worldwide used for over 25 million check-in events. Our devices are used in a variety of environments to assist businesses with driving customer loyalty, as well as understanding their customers and employees activities throughout facilities or in securely accessing the physical perimeter of their operational building sites. 

Spark Checkin™ is our new stand-alone system that can be installed as a fixed check-in location at every security location throughout the multi-acre manufacturing facility. 

The change from a personal perimeter check or a camera check over to Spark Checkin™ can allow companies to cut back on rotational inspections, beacon-aware systems, and additional facial recognition cameras, hardware and software, saving company dramatically in their overall security budget.

Our new Spark Checkin product was developed in partnership with security professionals contracted to manage security for large multi-site manufacturing facilities. 


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of a Spark™ powered identity solution.