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SnowShoe’s Sales Department Adds SaaS Sales Professional Sabih Ahmad

We rolled out the virtual red carpet once again today to welcome our fourth new team member this month. Sabih Ahmad joins ShowShoe’s bustling sales department, bringing with him a successful track record of strong revenue generation and happy customers. With many years of experience providing SaaS solutions to his many clients, Sabih is a valuable addition to SnowShoe during a period of accelerated growth at the company.

Most recently, Sabih held an Account Executive position at Synup, a digital presence management solution for businesses. He played a key leadership role in mid market customer acquisitions, producing impressive ARR numbers through new business and verticals.

Sabih also held a Senior Account Executive position at AppCard, a personalized loyalty marketing program for retailers and brands. He brought on multiple new franchises through multi-channel client engagement, working closely with the Customer Success team to ensure that the program met customer needs. Sabih was handpicked to lead a team of sales reps and created a custom Salesforce dashboards for the reps to monitor daily KPI’s. Under his leadership, the team consistently met and exceeded sales goals, including three consecutive months of exceeding goal by 100%.

Sabih landed his first sales job with WB Mason selling office supplies door-to-door, a right of passage for many sales reps. Selling everything from paper clips and staplers to printers and furniture, Sabih says that he began to develop his own personal approach to sales in this first job. He now approaches each new outreach as an opportunity to solve a problem and make a friend.

Upon learning about SnowShoe’s technology and solutions, Sabih became very interested in working with the company. SnowShoe’s focus on customer loyalty and POS systems stood out to him as a tremendous opportunity to develop strong relationships with clients and help their businesses thrive.

Welcome Sabih!