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Press Release

SnowShoe Exceeds 25 Million Check-in Events Across Mobile Devices

Enables Local Retailers to Enterprise Organizations to Deliver Customized Loyalty, Customer and Event Experiences Through Mobile Authentication

PORTLAND, OR – April 14, 2021 – Portland-based SnowShoe, the leading developer of physical presence systems for mobile authentication, announced today that more than 25 million events have been facilitated by its Spark™ capacitive authentication system. The technology is distinct in the marketplace and SnowShoe has filed 32 patents in 18 countries along with 6 trademarks for the product. Unique events are registered each time a Spark device is touched to a mobile screen to authenticate an interaction or validate a transaction at a participating business.

Today, fast mobile check-ins use the Spark technology to enable both large enterprises and local retailers to offer loyalty and rewards programs without requiring customers to carry around paper loyalty cards. Customers touch their mobile screens to a Spark device to earn and redeem rewards, allowing for a hands-off and Covid-safe customer engagement.

SnowShoe’s impressive roster of clients includes Merkle, a global customer experience management agency owned by Dentsu. Merkle uses SnowShoe solutions with select clients to create high quality customer experiences for its promotional programs.

“SnowShoe’s innovative mobile check-in platform has proven to be a wonderfully unique solution for select Merkle clients; including a premier international hotel and resort organization,” said Lauren Pietersen, director, products and partnerships at Merkle. “As part of this client’s successful promotional program, guests of the resort properties are treated to a fun and totally original user experience, thanks in great part to SnowShoe.”

Another respected company using the Spark solution is Loyalti, a leading provider of branded loyalty programs. Loyalti has played a key role in bringing ShowShoe’s Spark technology to hundreds of retailers across the United States.

“When we explain SnowShoe’s solutions to customers, everyone gets it,” says Dheeraj Sanka, founder and CEO of Loyalti. “There’s no learning curve, it’s very intuitive, and it’s also a cool experience for our customers. SnowShoe is very central to our in-store experience, and I don’t think there would be a way for us to do this with any other partner.”

SnowShoe CEO Ned Hayes welcomes the additional customer interest in the company’s unique technology and highlights this milestone as critical for retail revival post-Covid. “We see retail roaring back in 2021, and SnowShoe plans to be a big part of that momentum,” says Hayes. “We view this 25 million events milestone as a sign of our continued acceleration in retail adoption worldwide.”

SnowShoe’s solutions allow businesses to pinpoint locations for staff members and customers, bringing smarter location verification to loyalty programs and perimeter security. SnowShoe’s proprietary Spark technology is instantiated in multiple form factors and used by thousands of customers worldwide. The technology is easy to deploy, does not store or transmit any personally identifiable information and is fraud-proof. When a smartphone screen comes into contact with a SnowShoe product, the mobile device recognizes a uniquely verifiable pattern to validate physical presence between the two systems.

SnowShoe Spark™ solutions can be ordered online (, via email ( and by phone (503-713-5644). More information is available at

About SnowShoe

SnowShoe is a Portland-based company that developed the first breakthrough capacitive touchscreen technology to capture and transmit unique authentication events. The company has been hailed for bold innovations in hardware design and pioneering technology innovations. SnowShoe’s technology is protected by 17 patents and multiple trade secrets. Distinguished by its proprietary technology and experienced team, SnowShoe has delivered solutions worldwide for enterprises interested in understanding consumer behavior and optimizing retail and event experiences. SnowShoe’s innovative IoT-based event marker bridges the last mile between digital identity and physical presence. SnowShoe solutions can be adapted to a wide range of loyalty and event applications for consumers and businesses.


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