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Featured Team Member: Silas Miller

The dynamic and fast-paced culture of small technology companies attracts creative and self-motivated go-getters.  This is certainly the case with our new Customer Success Team member, Silas Miller.

Silas joins Snowshoe’s Customer Success team as a Technical Support Specialist. His job includes making sure that new merchants using Spark Loyalty have a smooth and painless setup process.  He also provides troubleshooting for occasional issues that arise when a merchant isn’t yet completely familiar with the system. 

Helping merchants be successful with Spark Loyalty is the work that Silas is happy to provide on a continuous basis!

His previous position with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries gave Silas a schooling in attention-orientated detail and project management. His work ethic and commitment to delivering excellence led to increased responsibilities in his role dealing with private consumer data with the State of Washington. 

Silas also has some technical background: he completed a project-based Digipen game design course and online content design course. Silas says these classes prepared him for the busy start-up environment where there’s often more work than people to get it done.

Silas formed an initial relationship with SnowShoe by providing photography work and promoting Spark Loyalty at local events.  When a tech support position became available, Silas’ interest in technology made him an ideal candidate and he was invited to join the company.

Since joining the Customer Success team, Silas has also taken on the additional task of editing our public podcast — Spark Plug —  and online content that explain how SnowShoe’s Spark Loyalty system works. The fact that things are always changing quickly at SnowShoe is one of the things Silas likes most about the company.  The remote work culture is also a great fit for his work style and personality. He especially values the supportive team environment.  

“Even a bad job can be made better with good people, but this is a great job that’s even better because of the people at SnowShoe.”

It’s great to have you as part of the team, Silas!