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Who We Work With


SnowShoe values our longtime partnerships with some of the world’s leading customer loyalty firms and with value-added resellers around the world. Today, we have resellers, partners and certified enterprise development providers in multiple geographies around the world. The proprietary Spark system has registered over 25 million events to date.  Find out more about how to qualify as a reseller: 

Featured Reseller: Podium Apps

Podium Apps is a leading loyalty and retail technology provider for hundreds of retail businesses based across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.

Podium has been a premier partner for SnowShoe since 2023, providing our Spark Loyalty Professional system to retail customers throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Podium also offers point of sale systems and technology solutions to national and regional retailers of note throughout the European Union, the United Kingdom and beyond.

Call Podium to learn more at
+ 44 7751 938205

SnowShoe brings to resellers a firm technical foundation in retail loyalty

Resellers who partner with SnowShoe can receive technical support, the advantage of a dedicated customer success help desk and support channel, as well as support in marketing, outreach, business development and go-to-market materials.

Our current customer portfolio includes the following brands and merchant accounts:

Qualify Your Business as a Certified SnowShoe Reseller

SnowShoe is highly selective in certifying resellers who are qualified to create a successful business based on reselling, provisioning or deploying Spark Loyalty PRO, GROW or similar Spark Stamp systems in the market. To qualify as a value-added reseller (VAR) for SnowShoe, your business must be incorporated as a corporate entity, must have viable existing business relationships, must understand how to be successful in the retail market. Once you’re approved, you can look forward to a fruitful and long-term relationship with our team at SnowShoe! See if you qualify today!

Events and Performing Arts

Leading event producers, entertainment venues and attractions across 30 countries leverage SnowShoe’s mobile authentication platform to improve the guest experience in innovative and personal ways. Ticketing is made simple, engagement tracking becomes possible, and contactless treasure hunts make for unforgettable experiences.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

SnowShoe Spark products are used in a variety of environments to assist businesses with understanding their customers’ and employees’ activities throughout large facilities or in securely accessing the physical perimeter of their operational building sites.

See Spark in Action!