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Refer a Friend,
Earn a Free Month!

We know you love Spark Loyalty, and we want to thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with retailers in your network.

We’re on a mission to bring Spark Loyalty to independent businesses all over the country. After all, small businesses deserve a customer loyalty solution that is simple, effective and affordable.

That’s why we created the Spark Loyalty Referral Program.

How Our Referral Plan Works

When you refer a retail merchant who signs up for Spark Loyalty, you’ll BOTH receive one month free for your stores.

If that business has multiple locations, you’ll earn an additional free month each for each new store location that signs up from your referral. There is no limit to the number of free months you can earn!

How do I get credit for a referral?

  • Enter your name and email in the form below. 
  • Enter your friend’s name and email in the form below. 

 your friend signs up, we’ll contact you to award you with a free month of Spark Loyalty!