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Red Bull Used SnowShoe Tech to Track Concert Goers and Give Music Rewards

Tracking Engagement After An Event Is Hard

Red Bull challenged SnowShoe to find a way to encourage concert goers to listen to music produced by Red Bull artists at the 30 Days in LA event and to track post-event engagement. SnowShoe’s team rose to the challenge.

Using SnowShoe technology, Red Bull was able to collect data on how many people were listening to the artist’s music after a show. They found that:

  • Stamps were used immediately post-event — within one or two weeks of the concert

  • 74% of Stamps were used at least one time.

  • Attendees shared Stamps with friends, resulting in the majority of Stamps being used by multiple individuals.

    As a result of these implementations, Red Bull decided to renew the relationship for a series of summer concerts in New York City.

SnowShoe gave Red Bull Control Over Engagement Tracking  

With SnowShoe technology and the sleek, simple design of the Stamp, Red Bull was able to control the distribution of devices as well as the content downloaded by each device.

  • Red Bull was able to hand select concerts and distribution methods.

  • They were able to limit the number of downloads for each Spark Stamp to three audio tracks in an effort to encourage the sharing of Stamps between friends.

  • Red Bull had the option to swap out content at any time to promote new songs and artists.

  • They were able to track fan engagement during and after the event with industry-leading engagement analytics.

  • Red Bull could collect contact information and social handles to further grow their direct reach into your fanbase.

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