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Shinagawa, Japan Draws Thousands of Visitors with a Stamp-Based Treasure Hunt

Long-time SnowShoe client ORB, a software development firm based in Tokyo, Japan, uses SnowShoe’s Spark Stamps® to create a low-cost digital system for an annual stamp rally event in Shinagawa. The event is used to promote the city’s diverse cultures, foods, shopping areas and beautiful gardens.
ORB helped event organizers save money and create a better experience for attendees by transitioning from a paper stamp card event to a mobile-based event. Now visitors were able to collect stamps on their smartphones at each key location and win prizes.

Extremely Low Error Rate

Even with thousands of visitors all using the Stamps at the same time, “the fail rate was so low.” Additionally, ORB provided alternative IDs, allowing Stamps to be used even if a user’s screen was shattered.

Real-Time Data

ORB used custom-named devices to manage and track data on 140 different locations and participating businesses (SnowShoe allows up to 150,000.)

  • Location
  • Time
  • Result

Spark Stamps Save Time and Money

Because Stamps use a web based app, this meant that ORB did not have to develop a native app nor account for different devices or consider OS updates. This time savings allowed the ORB team to Reduce the project timeline by 2-3 months. It took ORB developers:

  • Half a day to create a demo of the web based app
  • Less than a day to create ten Stamps and backup Stamps
  • Less than a week to setup the entire campaign

ORB was able to pass along huge cost savings to their client, reducing the project budget by $20,000-$30,000.

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