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Loyalti Customer FAQ

What the SnowShoe Acquisition of Loyalti Means For You

We are excited to provide our quality products and stellar service to you as a valued customer.

SnowShoe is a nationally recognized loyalty and check-in technology leader. Our work has received coverage from The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch, as well as RetailWire and Retail Customer Experience magazine. We’ve worked with some of the world’s top marketing engagement companies; our retail systems power loyalty experiences at national malls as well as for leading brands such as Red Bull and Shell International. We have customers across the United States and around the world. SnowShoe is excited to provide our quality products and stellar service to you.

SnowShoe is committed to making this transition as simple as possible. We will ensure that we don’t disrupt your retail business with any unnecessary steps or arduous onboarding routines. There will be no changes before the holidays. In fact, for the time being, the only request we make is that you affix a small sticker to your hardware (which will be mailed out to you in January.)

You will not see changes in your monthly fees as you transition from being a Loyalti customer to a SnowShoe Spark Loyalty® customer. You’ll get the same world-class loyalty solution—plus all the new benefits listed here — for the same straightforward price that you pay today.

If you have five or more locations, you can also now take advantage of SnowShoe’s bulk pricing options. Learn more about these package options at

SnowShoe has worked closely with Loyalti to ensure that your private data will continue to be kept safe with the highest level of security. SnowShoe has a strong commitment to consumer and business privacy. Your data belongs to you and will not be shared with third party vendors for any purposes, including marketing or datamining. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

SnowShoe has a dedicated customer service team, which means we are available to help troubleshoot, answer questions, and make sure that you get the most out of your loyalty system. Our Customer Success Team is led by Karen Jensen, a U.S. based leader of customer success and customer service teams. She has already proven herself to be an incredible resource for all of our customers, and she will be glad to help you as well. You can reach Karen at or directly via phone at 503-713-5644.

Your point of contact with SnowShoe shouldn’t have to change either. We are thrilled that Ron Sim has already joined the SnowShoe team as our Retail Sales & Partnership lead. Ron will continue to be your primary account representative. Loyalti’s founder, Dheeraj Sanka, will also act as our advisor during this transition to help ensure uninterrupted service. This means that you can count on a smooth transition without any breaks in making your customers happy with our small retail loyalty program. You can always reach Ron directly at

SnowShoe delivers world class customer-focused software and hardware. We are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your loyalty system. That’s why we offer an expanded library of support documents, white papers, how-to videos and other resources to help answer your questions. You can view this library at If you need further documentation, reach out to for an immediate response.

Look out for new updates to your loyalty system. In 2022 and beyond, we will introduce a bevy of new and expanded features, including:

  • Improved analytics dashboard
  • Extended offline mode
  • Overnight check-in syncing
  • Customer location sharing
  • Automated text messaging routines for loyal customers
  • Automatic reviews for small businesses
  • On-device app to sync your customer’s points