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Featured Team Member: Karen Jensen

Karen Jensen

Next up is SnowShoe’s incredible Customer Success Manager, Karen Jensen. An experienced customer service manager with a background in online retail, Karen ensures that our customers have a smooth and highly successful experience with SnowShoe.

Karen graduated with a degree in studio fine arts from California State University, Chico. Shortly after graduating, she was hired at Lulus, a digital fashion company that offers curated and personalized online shopping experiences. A rapidly growing business at this time, Lulus quickly promoted Karen to the head of the Customer Service department which she grew to more than 100 customer service representatives. As department head of operations, Karen helped lead the transition to a new CRM platform and move the company toward an omnichannel communications approach. She was a key contributor to building out a new sales program centered around customized service from personal stylists.

Ready for a change of scenery, Karen moved to Portland where she joined SnowShoe. She was excited to work for a young company for the many growth opportunities it presented. The innovative start-up gave Karen a chance to use her strong skills in customer support and problem resolution to grow SnowShoe’s client base. As head of our Customer Success department, Karen has become SnowShoe’s resident expert at providing elite support to our retail and enterprise clients. 

With more than a decade of experience in customer service behind her, Karen has come to develop highly effective strategies to achieve customer success and satisfaction. She explains that it all hinges on good communication, managing expectations, and letting clients know she is here for them. The trust she builds with clients is especially important during times of troubleshooting and problem solving to ensure that our solutions fully address client needs and requests. Karen says that there is one question she constantly asks herself to guide her approach: Are we giving our customers the best experience we can possibly give them?

Karen’s philosophy: Always grow from past experiences.

To experience the great customer experience that Karen provides, get started with SnowShoe today: