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EPISODE 089 : 11/23/2022

Josh Hagquist

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Josh Hagquist has been in the retail and hospitality industries for many years. He has worked in many retail establishments from a small bookstore to Starbucks and then transitioned to managing multiple stores for Stone Brewing Company. Now in his current position as Manager of Retail with prAna, he’s learned two main things that he holds onto: To build a space that gives the customer an amazing in-store experience and to build high-performing retail teams that are supported and respected. In this Thanksgiving week episode, Josh tells us about his high-performing retail team at prAna and how he creates an amazing in-store retail experience. 

Host: Ned Hayes and Kira Cleveland
Guest: Josh Hagquist

Topics discussed in this episode

  • Detailed small business insights from Olympia, Washington
  • Small business resiliency and adaptation during COVID
  • Doubling community outreach during the pandemic
  • Opportunities for small business loyalty programs

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Audio Transcript

Ned Hayes [00:00:09] Welcome to SparkPlug, where we talk to smart people working at the intersection of business and technology.