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EPISODE 067 : 06/23/2022

Jessie Vyvyan

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Jessie Vyvyan is the owner and operator of the independent retail shop Chi, Trees & Oils in Rochester, Wisconsin. Chi, Trees & Oils offers healing services and tools and is a go-to space for all things wellness, mind, body & soul. Jessie provides energy healing workshops and services, including Reiki, Soul Coaching and Yoga. Jessie shares her experience using the Spark Loyalty system to engage her clientele.

Host: Ned Hayes and Ashley Coates
Guest: Jessie Vyvyan

Topics discussed in this episode

  • Detailed small business insights from Olympia, Washington
  • Small business resiliency and adaptation during COVID
  • Doubling community outreach during the pandemic
  • Opportunities for small business loyalty programs

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Audio Transcript

Ned Hayes [00:00:09] Welcome to SparkPlug, where we talk to smart people working at the intersection of business and technology.