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Custom Campaigns are a great way to get more customers in the door, incentivize them to spend more, and push sales for certain items in your store.


Below is a step-by-step guide for how to create and send one straight from your dashboard!

Log into your Spark Loyalty dashboard here.

1. Select “Campaigns” from the left bar and navigate to “Custom Campaigns”.

Select “Send New Campaign”.

2. Offer. 

Enter text for your campaign offer and an expiration date **Only fill in this section if your offer is time-specific (example: 10% off on August 13). If you are sending an announcement or creating an on-going offer select “No” and proceed to next step. Note: The text you enter here will show up on the iPad when the customer checks in with the option to redeem. Make this offer as specific as possible so both the cashier and customer are aware of what is being redeemed.


Get 10% off every Friday – select NO and proceed to next section

Come in for weekly Happy Hour – select NO and proceed to next section

New store hours! Now open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm – select NO and proceed to next section

10% off all sandwiches on Aug. 13 – select YES and fill in campaign offer

Happy Hour 50% off 2-4pm Aug. 13th & 14th – select YES and fill in campaign offer

Select “Email Content” to proceed to the next section

3. Email. Enter subject and message to create a custom email. You can also upload an image for your email campaign. If you are creating a custom campaign offer, be sure to provide all the details in the email message (i.e. what is offered and when valid).
*If you do not want to send an email select “No” and proceed to Text Content

Select “Text Content” to proceed to the next section

4. Text. Enter your text message offer. We recommend keeping text offers short and sweet.
*If you do not want to send a text select “No” and proceed to Filter

5. Filter. Unless you plan on being very specific with your customer targeting, skip this step by selecting “No” for Filter. You can select “Yes” if you want to filter by Location, Customer Type, Lifetime Points, or Visits/Points Earned.

6. Schedule. Select “Schedule” to select the day and time you would like your campaign sent. **Please use the same format as cited in the example, do NOT use all caps lock. The campaign will be sent to customers who have opted in to receive text messages or to customers who have their email address in the system. If you sent a campaign offer, that offer will show up on the Spark Loyalty tablet when customers (who received the offer) check in. 


July 13 at 2pm – YES

If you have questions while creating a Custom Campaign or would like suggestions for effective offers specific to your vertical, please contact our Customer Success Manager, Karen Jensen at or call her team at 707-79-SPARK (EXT 1)