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Featured Team Member: Mahlek Roberts

SnowShoe’s Sales Team is full of people who truly care about helping small businesses connect with their customers, and one team member who embodies this spirit best is Mahlek Roberts. Mahlek joined SnowShoe in February of this year and has already built valuable relationships with many wonderful merchants in the midwest and beyond.

Mahlek received his degree in Marketing Management from the University of St Francis in Illinois. He decided to pursue a marketing degree because of his passion for business growth and development. He loved learning about how to promote a product and how to reach people, and he knew that marketing skills were something he could apply in nearly every industry.


Upon graduating, Mahlek was hired by Motorola as an Account Manager, responsible for client development in seven different territories. Mahlek learned quickly how to write sales proposals, address customer issues and develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships. After just one year at Motorola, Mahlek had doubled his account portfolio. He started to develop a real interest in tech, and he received high praise from his managers. Mahlek was one of only two new hires invited to speak at one of the company’s largest annual events, which was widely attended by upper level Account Executives and management.

After Motorola, Mahlak became a personal trainer at NFC Amenities in Chicago. He enjoyed putting his new client relation skills into practice but in a completely different environment. Mahlek had a knack for learning about his clients’ needs and then building a personalized plan to help them achieve their goals.

Mahlek’s interest in tech was still calling to him, so when a position opened up at SnowShoe, he jumped at the chance to work for a mission-driven tech company. The position provided him the opportunity to combine his experience in account management with his core passions for entrepreneurship, business development and relationship building. 

“It goes beyond just selling a product,” Mahlek says. “I love being able to enable people. That’s the way that I view sales – helping, empowering and enabling people to be in a better position. I love helping independent businesses build a better relationship with their customers and market their business with such powerful but simple software.”

So glad to have you on the team, Mahlek!