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Featured Team Member: Claurie Lindor

SnowShoe is happy to welcome Claurie Lindor to the team this week. Claurie joins forces with the rest of SnowShoe’s exceptional customer support team where she will specialize in new customer onboarding.

Claurie graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Black Studies. Her background in psychology has become an asset in her many roles working with the public and with individual customers, providing her with a strong foundation in understanding people, their needs, and their behaviors.

After graduating, Claurie worked at Four Winds Mental Hospital in Westchester County in New York. She began as a mental health worker responsible for children ranging in ages from 8-17, and she later became an Admissions Coordinator at the hospital. For the last two years, Claurie has worked as a Client Intake Specialist at Mental Health Association of New York.

Claurie has always had an interest in technology and considers herself pretty tech savvy. She considered majoring in Computer Science but discovered other kinds of roles within the tech field that turned out to be a better fit, such as in client services. SnowShoe will be her first experience on staff at a tech company, and she’s excited to be entering the field. Asked about her long-time interest in tech, Claurie says, “I’m excited about tech because tech is the future. Every day we make more progress, and I would like to be part of the progression.”

In addition to her primary career, Claurie is also a small business owner. She is the founder of the online jewelry company Soulaid, where she sells her handcrafted pieces made with natural crystals. As an entrepreneur herself, Claurie is very much looking forward to working directly with independent business owners in her new role at SnowShoe. She knows what it is to be a small retailer, and she’s excited to connect with other retailers across the country. “Working with these customers makes it more personal. It gives the job more purpose, versus working with bigger corporations. You can see the impact firsthand, which gives it meaning. And I search for meaning in everything I do.”

Welcome Claurie!