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Frequently Asked Questions for Spark Stamps

SnowShoe provides world-class check-in solutions that pinpoint retail locations, lock in loyalty, and protect physical perimeters. If you are a customer using a loyalty application, please contact our support team. This documentation aims to answer the most common questions we hear from our development partners who build out applications based on the SnowShoe technology platform. 

Getting Started

Explore additional details on check-in device orders, minimum quantities, and more.

Your initial order of a check-in device like our proprietary “Spark Stamp” begins with a conversation with the SnowShoe Customer Account Team. We’ll address your unique needs, answer questions, and recommend a solution to help you succeed.

From there we will send you a license agreement that outlines your terms and conditions, pricing, shipping costs, and a usage period for stamps. Our Customer Account Team works with you on these details before the agreement is created and sent for signature. SnowShoe uses DocuSign to collect your digital signature and you will receive a final copy of the mutually signed license agreement.

Contact us at to get started.

Yes. Details for our stamps, custom coloring, and stickers are outlined here.

Spark Stamps™ are sold in packages of 10.

Colored Top Cap
The standard SnowShoe stamp comes with a glossy white top cap. The color of the top cap can be customized to match your brand or campaign with a minimum order quantity of 2,500 stamps and a minimum of three months lead time. To match a specific color, identify your Pantone PMS color when ordering stamps.

Stickers are another great way to customize your Spark Stamps™ for your brand or event. We require a minimum order quantity of 2,500 stamps for customs stickers with a lead time of three months. To purchase and apply stickers see the Custom Sticker section below.

Invoices are sent upon receipt of the mutually signed license agreement. SnowShoe uses Stripe, one of the most trusted payment providers in the world, to handle credit card and bank transfer payments.

Monthly subscription billing occurs on the same day each month and will automatically collect payment from your credit card. If you need to change the credit card associated with your subscription contact us at

Customers are billed for all shipping and duty fees associated with your order. We encourage bundling stamp orders to reduce time and costs associated with receiving stamps. Shipping one larger order will always be cheaper than several smaller orders.

Stamps are shipped using FedEx upon successful payment of invoices. Duty fees and shipping times vary by country and occasionally require additional time to pass through customs. Tracking information is provided once orders are shipped.

New customers will need to create an account and application prior to receiving stamps. Stamps are assigned to this application and enable the development process on arrival. Your order will indicate the number of applications preferred.

Check out our developer documentation and SDKs to start building your application.

Device Management

Create custom names for your check-in devices to make them easier to locate and analyze usage.

For security reasons, only SnowShoe can assign and reassign check-in devices to a customer’s application. Check-in devices are assigned to an application prior to receiving your order. This allows you to start development of your application as soon as possible. Note that check-in devices can only be assigned to one application at a time. If you need a check-in device moved to a different application at any time send an email to

Each SnowShoe check-in device is engraved with a unique 12 digit serial number. These can also be seen in the application dashboard within the stamp tab. Customers have the opportunity to create a custom name to help identify and locate specific check-in devices. This will also make it easier to identify device performance when viewing analytics. Custom device names can be added or changed at any time.

For customers with larger orders, SnowShoe can provide a CSV with a complete list of check-in device serial numbers prior to shipping. This allows a customer to specify custom check-in device names in bulk which is much easier than through the dashboard.

SnowShoe provides a check-in device identification tool in the V3 Settings tab of your application in the dashboard. Select one of the link delivery options to get started (mobile or email link). This tool is especially useful if you have custom check-in device names previously setup in your dashboard. Simply open a box of new devices and touch it to your mobile device to identify the custom name.

Custom Stickers

Stickers are a great way to customize your Spark™ check-in devices for your brand or event.

Spark™ Tap Sticker Template (.ai)

Spark™ Stamp Sticker Template (.ai)

Follow the instructions below to order and apply your own custom stickers. Allow extra time for sticker production and application prior to an upcoming event.

Spark™ Sticker Template (.ai)

Design your sticker
Open the template above in Adobe Illustrator, make your edits, and save. For optimal prints, create artwork using CMYK color mode and change all text to outlines before saving.

Upload your artwork to a sticker printer

  1. SnowShoe recommends StickerGiant – visit their site and click Get Stickers.
  2. Choose ‘Die Cut’ stickers.
  3. Select ‘Glossy’ for a durable laminated sticker or ‘Matte’ for a less durable but more organic finish.
  4. Choose a ‘Custom Shape’.
  5. Enter W: 1″ and H: 1″
  6. Select your quantity. For smaller quantities consider Sticker Mule as an alternative provider.
  7. Upload your sticker file.
  8. When prompted for additional instructions, enter “Please trim the white portions off the corners. The final sticker should have rounded corners. Thanks!”
  9. Checkout
  10. Wait for your proof. Quickly approve your design to expedite shipping.

Printing lead times
Most vendors support rush orders, but we suggest placing your order two weeks before your event to keep shipping costs at a minimum and allow time for sticker application.

Sticker application
Applying stamp stickers is simple. Start by opening one box of stamps at a time to avoid mixing up serial numbers between boxes.


Sticker Giant uses a crack and peel backing that makes removing the backing and aligning the sticker easier.


Lightly bend the sticker and remove one half of the backing material.


Align the sticker in the handle’s sticker well in your preferred orientation and attach the edge of the sticker.


Once the stamp is aligned correctly, remove the remainder of the backing material and press the sticker into place.


Please reach us at with additional questions.