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Case Study: Everyday Nutrition

A Personal Journey Paid Forward

Everyday Nutrition sprang out of a success story. Owner and founder Amy Day started visiting Patriot Nutrition, an Herbalife club in Pace, FL as part of her weight loss journey. On her way to losing over 100 lbs, she quickly became a daily regular and their number one customer as she visited and became friends with the employees there. One day, the club needed an extra hand and Day jumped in to offer her assistance. “When I was a customer,” she recalls, “I had decided that I was going to stop eating out and lose some weight. But there was a part of me that really missed the social culture of going out, and that’s what kept bringing me back to the club. As I became part of this community I was like, ‘You know what? More people need this.’ And that’s how Everyday was born.” Seeing the ins and outs of the business, as well as the combination of effective products and vibrant community, led Day to open up her own club in Pensacola where she lived. With a knack for getting people excited about nutrition and a major dose of determination, Day has turned Everyday Nutrition into a model for success in the personal nutrition sector.

Spark Loyalty in Action!

Before joining Spark Loyalty, Day made sure that she did her due diligence. “I’d done a lot of research and I knew what I was looking for,” she admits. She’d had a lot of success using text-based communications with clients, but many of the services she looked at were based more around email. Prior to Spark, Day would ask for a customer’s phone number and then manually follow up via text to check in and see how their experience went. If they were receptive, she’d send along a coupon and invite them back. But with her busy schedule behind the bar everyday, working events, and connecting with her community, the time-consuming task of customer follow up didn’t always get done. SnowShoe was able to custom build a personalized service for Everyday Nutrition that harnessed both modes of communication, and Day hasn’t looked back since. “Spark has over delivered for less than half the price,” she beams.

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