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Creating the Encore Loyalty Experience

Discover A Favorite Cup of Tea

Encore Chocolates and Teas is an independent shop in downtown Olympia specializing in gourmet artisan chocolates and premium bulk teas. The attractive space welcomes customers with open arms and invites them to taste, sniff and enjoy the wide variety of delicacies. Owners Dean and Carla Jones started the business in 2013, and they still frequent the shop to chat with customers and try out new products with the staff.

Why Customers Shop Here

Customers visit Encore for two reasons: the product and the service. They know that staff will greet them warmly, chat with them, and be able to recommend new chocolates and teas based on their individual tastes. Dean and Carla want shoppers to feel a sense of belonging and connection when they stop in for a visit and taste the product. This focus on loyalty led Compass Rose to embrace the SnowShoe Go Downtown loyalty program as yet another benefit to offer their loyal patrons.

Olympia Pilot Retail Program

The Go Downtown app is a new world-class loyalty application developed by SnowShoe, a leader in mobile authentication. The app couples with a unique hardware solution, called the Spark Tap®, which allows for rapid customer check-ins and a frictionless loyalty rewards program. The gamified solution incentives shoppers to visit multiple stores and share favorite shopping loops with friends.

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