Who We Work With


SnowShoe customers have deployed over 30,000 unique check-in devices around the world to drive customer loyalty and support brick-and-mortar businesses. The proprietary Spark system has registered over 25 million events to date.  If you’d like your story featured, ask for a Case Study here.

drive customer loyalty

Featured Customer: Shell

Shell chose SnowShoe as its loyalty partner because of the unique experience and security of Spark technology. Working with the team at SnowShoe, Shell places Spark Stamps at fuel stations, allowing customers to collect fuel points and redeem rewards right from their mobile devices.

Use Cases


Customers use Spark™ solutions to instantly win loyalty points, earn prizes, redeem special offers, or unlock access to exclusive experiences. SnowShoe delivers a secure, Covid-safe and paperless method that delights customers and employees.

Physical Presence

Companies and government entities who must restrict physical entry and need to limit site ingress install Spark™ solutions as a core component in a secure IAM system. Give your organization true peace of mind by securing your physical perimeter with Snowshoe check-in solutions.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Spark™ solutions work in tandem with keycard entry systems and biometric authentication. On their own, biometrics can be faked and PINs can be hacked. But SnowShoe’s secure Spark™ solutions delivers a physical point of presence that can’t be spoofed, hardening your security system and make your authentication verification smarter.