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Who We Work With


SnowShoe customers have deployed over 30,000 unique check-in devices around the world to drive customer loyalty and support brick-and-mortar businesses. The proprietary Spark system has registered over 25 million events to date.  If you’d like your story featured, ask for a Case Study here.

drive customer loyalty

Retail Loyalty

Retailers all over the world use SnowShoe Spark® solutions to increase customer engagement and retention. Shoppers can instantly win loyalty points, earn prizes, redeem special offers, or unlock access to exclusive experiences. Our clients report increases in foot traffic, return visits and SMS opt-ins upon implementing Spark retail loyalty solutions.

Events and Performing Arts

Leading event producers, entertainment venues and attractions across 30 countries leverage SnowShoe’s mobile authentication platform to improve the guest experience in innovative and personal ways. Ticketing is made simple, engagement tracking becomes possible, and contactless treasure hunts make for unforgettable experiences.

Retail Districts

Retail districts and shopping malls around the world have also used Spark solutions to engage customers. Because our solutions use a web-based app, clients report reducing project timelines by two to three months and saving tens of thousands of dollars in project costs. Read on to learn more about the Olympia pilot program, as well as how spark solutions created memorable shopping experiences in Shinagawa, Japan and at the IFC Mall in Hong Kong.

Learn more about our work with Retail districts here >

Partnerships & Alliances

SnowShoe values our longtime partnerships with some of the world’s leading customer loyalty firms. Merkle, a global performance marketing engagement leader, has been a valued SnowShoe partner for 3 years. The Merkle marketing engagement team uses Spark®  technology to build loyalty programs for their global client base. Their impressive roster of clients includes Royal Caribbean, Chase Manhattan, JetBlue, American Girl, and Samsung.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

SnowShoe Spark products are used in a variety of environments to assist businesses with understanding their customers’ and employees’ activities throughout large facilities or in securely accessing the physical perimeter of their operational building sites.