Creamistry saved $90,000+ a year by switching to SnowShoe's Spark system

SnowShoe’s Spark technology and Loyalti together created a better loyalty experience

The new Loyalti solution (powered by SnowShoe) proved to be a successful whole solution for a new Creamistry loyalty program. With Loyalti and SnowShoe Spark technology, Creamistry was able to send automated marketing campaigns, email messaging, text messaging, and collect customer data and contact information at the point of sale. The kicker? The price was one-third the price of the old loyalty program!

Creamistry loyalty realized massive savings and conversion:

  • An annual savings of $90,000
  • A savings of $1900/year per store location
  • Automated drip campaigns to customers who haven’t visited in 30, 60, and 90 days 
  • 16,000 visits generated from automated
    marketing campaigns
  • Text messaging campaigns that converted 6 times better than email
  • SMS opt-ins from 1 in every 3 customers

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