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Spark Loyalty®

SnowShoe’s Spark Loyalty system is the premier customer loyalty solution created for independent retailers. We can prove we are better than FiveStars, Clover, Square, and Toast. Our focus is helping you keep your loyal customers coming back!

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Spark Loyalty Beats FiveStars Across the Board In Every Feature, including Price

  • Small business owners need a loyalty partner who gets it. Spark Loyalty knows loyalty — your customer engagement is our singular focus. 
  • We beat FiveStars in price, in support and in reliability and performance of product. 
  • We prove we are better, every day, in every way.

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Spark Loyalty: Unlimited Text & Email Campaigns for a Better Price Than Clover

The Spark Loyalty platform offers retailers a smarter loyalty rewards program. Unlike Clover, our system can be entirely custom-branded. Spark Loyalty is easy for any retailer; you can use a state-of-the-art program that delights all your customers. 

Unlike Clover, our lowest monthly rate includes all-you-can-eat automated email and text messaging campaigns. SMS campaigns are proven to work 10 times better than traditional print or social media marketing campaigns.              Learn More >

Spark Loyalty Delivers a More Complete Solution than Toast

Unlike constrained and vertical-specific
platforms such as Toast, Spark Loyalty is:

  • Locally-owned with US-based customer service

  • Simple to use with only one counter tablet

  • Contract-free – we don’t ever require a monthly or annual contract

  • Spark Loyalty also offers a simple pricing model – One monthly flat rate of $99 per store location, with all features included!

   Toast’s complicated pricing structure includes three different tiers for their POS system, plus an additional fee for Toast Loyalty and a multi-year contract.

Spark Loyalty Beats Square with Simple Excellence

Keep it Simple! Make It Pay!

Spark Loyalty offers a simple pricing model – One monthly flat rate of $99 per store location, with all features included! Scale your retail business quickly and easily from 100 customers to 10,000!


Square’s complicated pricing structure includes an upfront hardware purchase for $169, POS system processing fees, plus an additional monthly fee for their loyalty program. With Square, the more customer engagement you receive, the more you pay.