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Season 3

Mark Ross-Smith

EPISODE 111 : 04/27/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Mark Ross-Smith is an award-winning global airline loyalty industry leader, and he is CEO & Co-founder at, helping airlines grow and manage their most valuable customers. Mark has worked with major brands like Emirates, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Frontier, Spirit,… Read More »Mark Ross-Smith

Pavel Los

EPISODE 110 : 04/20/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Pavel Los is a global leader in the world of loyalty marketing. He has a wealth of experience from working in multicultural organizations on both a national and regional level. For 20 years he served Shell Oil in a variety… Read More »Pavel Los

Mike Robinson

EPISODE 109 : 04/13/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora With over 25 years of leadership experience in the retail industry, Mike Robinson is currently on the founding team of The Eighth Notch, a technology platform focused on sustainable last-mile deliveries. His expertise in digital retail growth, operations, and product… Read More »Mike Robinson

John-Pierre Kamel

EPISODE 108 : 04/06/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora John-Pierre Kamel is the Managing Director of RFID Sherpas, a boutique retail consultancy that has helped many retailers and brands craft their RFID and Omni-channel strategies as well as optimize the operational execution and profitability of their programs. John-Pierre has… Read More »John-Pierre Kamel

John Gregory

EPISODE 107 : 03/30/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora John Gregory is the Global Category Development Officer for Retail, QSR and Travel at Spotify. He and his team work to grow these verticals through product innovation and being responsive to advertiser needs and industry trends. Prior to Spotify, John… Read More »John Gregory

Simon Severino

EPISODE 106 : 03/23/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Simon Severino is an expert at scaling startup businesses and accelerating sales for companies large and small. He’s the author of the book Strategy Sprints, and he created the Strategy Sprints™ Method that helps entrepreneurs double revenue in 90 days.… Read More »Simon Severino

Neil Saunders

EPISODE 105 : 03/16/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Neil Saunders is Managing Director at GlobalData Retail, a retail research agency and consulting firm. Neil and his team work with many of the world’s leading retailers to help Them maximize success through developing a thorough understanding of the sector… Read More »Neil Saunders

Gina Fleck

EPISODE 104 : 03/09/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Gina Fleck is VP and Head of Loyalty Experience Consulting at Merkle, a global customer experience partner for Fortune 1000 companies and nonprofits. Gina is an expert in customer engagement, loyalty and retention and highly skilled in creating strategic, global… Read More »Gina Fleck

Andrea Leigh

EPISODE 103 : 03/02/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Andrea Leigh is an eCommerce educator, speaker, writer, and co-host of the popular CPG Guys podcast. With over 20 years of eCommerce experience working with thousands of brands, her deep expertise has unlocked sustainable growth opportunities for brands of all… Read More »Andrea Leigh

Melissa Burdick

EPISODE 102 : 02/23/2023 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Melissa Burdick is an innovative Business Strategist and E-commerce thought leader, with almost two decades of ecommerce experience. In 2018 she co-founded Pacvue, an enterprise platform for E-commerce advertising, sales, and intelligence. Pacvue helps brands and sellers to grow their… Read More »Melissa Burdick