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Season 3

Jessie Vyvyan

EPISODE 067 : 06/23/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Jessie Vyvyan is the owner and operator of the independent retail shop Chi, Trees & Oils in Rochester, Wisconsin. Chi, Trees & Oils offers healing services and tools and is a go-to space for all things wellness, mind, body &… Read More »Jessie Vyvyan

Tommy Yionoulis

EPISODE 066 : 06/16/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Tommy Yionoulis is the Founder of OpsAnalitica, a mobile operations data capture, accountability management, and analytics platform focused on the food-service industry. Drawing from his extensive career in food industry management, including at P.F. Chang’s and Quiznos, Tommy developed the… Read More »Tommy Yionoulis

Dan Fairbanks

EPISODE 065 : 06/09/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Dan Fairbanks is a visionary entrepreneur working to fundamentally change how local retail and e-commerce businesses work. He has started more than seven companies, including a running store chain and an e-commerce marketplace. Dan is on a mission to educate… Read More »Dan Fairbanks

Michael LeBlanc

EPISODE 064 : 06/02/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Michael LeBlanc is the Founder and President of M.E. LeBlanc & Company Inc. and a Senior Advisor to Retail Council of Canada and the Bank of Canada as part of his advisory and consulting practice. He is a ReThink Retail… Read More »Michael LeBlanc

Anne Bryan

EPISODE 063 : 05/26/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Anne Bryan is a transformative executive experienced in leading world-class software and non-profit teams. She was a founding team member for Circle, an award-winning screen time management and parental controls software. In 2020, Anne was named CEO at Circle, a… Read More »Anne Bryan

Chris Bennett

EPISODE 062 : 05/19/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Chris Bennett is the founder of Wonderschool, a mission-driven online platform that empowers experienced educators and child care providers to run their own in-home business. Wonderschool was named one of the world’s 10 most innovative companies in education by Fast… Read More »Chris Bennett