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Season 3

Josh Hagquist

EPISODE 089 : 11/23/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Josh Hagquist has been in the retail and hospitality industries for many years. He has worked in many retail establishments from a small bookstore to Starbucks and then transitioned to managing multiple stores for Stone Brewing Company. Now in his… Read More »Josh Hagquist

Dan Berthiaume

EPISODE 088 : 11/17/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Dan Berthiaume, Senior Technology Editor of Chain Store Age, is a recognized expert on retail technology, having covered the space since 1998. Dan is a RETHINK Retail Top Retail Influencer, writes the award-winning weekly Retail Insights blog, and has also… Read More »Dan Berthiaume

Khrysta Hendricks

EPISODE 087 : 11/10/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Khrysta Hendricks is the President and Founder of The Love Juice Co. It’s a new natural juice and smoothie shop on the south side of Chicago. She only began this venture in April of this year as a food truck,… Read More »Khrysta Hendricks

Cathy Hotka

EPISODE 086 : 11/03/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Cathy Hotka is a Principal at her own company, Cathy Hotka & Associates, working as a high-value networking contact in the retail community. After starting her career at the White House and on Capitol Hill, Cathy began to focus on… Read More »Cathy Hotka

Peter Fader

EPISODE 085 : 10/27/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Peter Fader is the Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His expertise centers around the analysis of behavioral data to understand and forecast customer  shopping/purchasing activities. He works with firms… Read More »Peter Fader

Toby Pickard

EPISODE 084 : 10/20/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Toby Pickard is the Head of Insight, Retail, and Innovation at IGD (or, the Institute of Grocery Distribution), a trading company that utilizes high-level commercial understanding to uncover rich insights and data. With over 15 years of experience in research,… Read More »Toby Pickard

Alejandra Crites

EPISODE 083 : 10/13/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Alejandra Crites is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Casa de la Luna, a retail marketplace that focuses on feminine hygiene, intimacy, and care down there. She’s on a mission to combine her customer-focused mindset with business development in… Read More »Alejandra Crites

Ian Johnston

EPISODE 082 : 10/06/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Ian Johnston is the Founder and Creative Director at Quinine, a world-leading retail experience consultancy that recently won a DBA Design Effectiveness Award. With over 20 years of experience on both the design and retail sides of the business, Ian… Read More »Ian Johnston

Howard Tiersky

EPISODE 081 : 09/29/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Howard Tiersky is a successful entrepreneur who has been named by IDG as one of the 10 Digital Transformation Influencers to Follow Today and by Enterprise Management as “One of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Influencers That Will Change Your… Read More »Howard Tiersky

Deborah Weinswig

EPISODE 080 : 09/22/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Deborah Weinswig is the founder and CEO of Coresight Research, where she focuses on disruption at the intersection of retail and technology and helps her clients accelerate innovation and growth at their companies. Before starting Coresight, Deborah served as Managing… Read More »Deborah Weinswig