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Season 2

Ian Scott

EPISODE 061 : 05/12/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Ian Scott has more than 20 years of experience within the retail and POP sectors. He has headed up business and marketing departments at several retail consulting agencies in the UK, including Tag and UA Unibox. In 2020, he started… Read More »Ian Scott

Liza Amlani

EPISODE 060 : 05/05/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Liza Amlani is a go-to expert in retail merchandising, product creation and accelerating speed to market. She is a RETHINK Retail Top Influencer and a regular contributor to RetailWire, Bloomberg, and Forbes. Liza has more than 20 years of experience… Read More »Liza Amlani

Thad Price

EPISODE 059 : 04/28/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Thad Price is CEO at Austin-based Talroo, an award-winning talent attraction platform. He has more than 17 years of experience in online recruitment and the job search vertical, and he is a recognized thought leader in the HR/talent acquisition space.… Read More »Thad Price

James Morin

EPISODE 058 : 04/21/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora James Morin is Chief Strategy Officer at Crave Retail, a digital technology provider equipping innovative retailers with best-in-class fitting room technology. James has more than a decade of sales and operations experience across all facets of retail, D2C, eCommerce, distribution,… Read More »James Morin

Julia Niiro

EPISODE 057 : 04/14/2022​ Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Julia Niiro is the founder and CEO of MilkRun, an online marketplace and distribution technology that makes it easy to buy food directly from local farmers. MilkRun aims to develop an alternative to today’s global food system by simplifying local… Read More »Julia Niiro

Jason Goldberg

EPISODE 056 : 04/07/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Jason Goldberg is a fourth generation retailer who has had a front-row seat to the digital disruption of commerce over the course of his successful career. He is currently the Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis Chicago and the Chief… Read More »Jason Goldberg

Gary Hawkins

EPISODE 055 : 03/31/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Gary Hawkins is the Founder and CEO of CART (Center for Advancing Retail & Technology). He has consulted with such brands as Procter & Gamble and has written three books including the latest, Retail in the Age of ‘i’. Early… Read More »Gary Hawkins

Melissa Gonzalez

EPISODE 054 : 03/24/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Melissa Gonzalez is the founder of The Lionesque Group, as well as a Principal and Shareholder at global architecture firm MG2. Her clients to date have included Amazon, Nordstrom, and The RealReal. Melissa is the author of the book The… Read More »Melissa Gonzalez

Shelley E. Kohan

EPISODE 053 : 03/17/2022 Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Shelley E. Kohan is a senior retail executive and consultant with more than 25 years of success in the industry. She is an Associate Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and CEO & Founder of Shelmark Consulting. Shelley has… Read More »Shelley E. Kohan

Jaime Ramirez

EPISODE 052 : 03/10/2022​ Apple : Amazon : Spotify : Stitcher : TuneIn : Pandora Jaime Ramirez is a RegTech leader, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and executive professional with more than 30 years of experience in business, banking, RegTech, and information technology. He is the founder and CEO of Preventor, a company that provides the… Read More »Jaime Ramirez