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Retail District: Waxahachie, Texas

Small Business Destination

Boasting close to 100 members, the Waxahachie Downtown Merchants Association (WDMA) is at the heart of the city’s identity. Made up of businesses and members of the community at large, the WDMA was originally founded by concerned citizens who wanted to beautify and improve the areas in and around the downtown. As they grew, they also formed relationships with the city council and public works programs that took over improvements on their behalf. With the resultant increase in freedom and funding, the members set to work promoting each other and establishing a thriving network of small retailers and restaurants. By hosting 25-30 recurring events a year, the WDMA is able to drive traffic to their members and establish repeat customers in the process.

Spark Loyalty in Action!

As Waxahachie has grown, the stores and restaurants have had to shift their business practices into high gear. Boutique owner and head of the WDMA Amber Caverly credits Spark Loyalty with an increase in repeat customers and an increased sense of community. During checkout, employees ask for a name and phone number so that patrons can earn rewards. It’s become such a normal part of the interaction that Caverly jokes, “They’re almost offended when you don’t ask for a phone number!” Even when people come from out of town, the simple interaction afforded by Spark can result in a better conversation about where they’re traveling from, what they’re looking for, and how a local can help them enjoy Waxahachie to the fullest. Caverly also notes that the ability to use text messaging over email helps to connect with customers who might not be checking their email everyday, and also helps to remind frequent guests about upcoming events and sales. In an effort to fully connect and integrate each business with their neighbors, Spark Loyalty is offered as a part of membership in the WDMA.

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