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Case Study: Sofie's Scoops

Scooping with a Mission and Delighting Loyal Customers

Sofie’s Scoops’ mission is to make hand-crafted, authentic, and unique gelato fresh daily. Sofie and Chris source their milk and cream from fewer than 10 miles away and pasteurize their own base. They use seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby farms and never use artificial flavors or colors. Many flavors are nut-allergy friendly and gluten-free.

Today Sofie’s Scoops has more than 100 recipes under their belt, a bicycle-powered mobile Gelato cart, a permanent storefront in downtown Olympia, WA, and a second location in the works.

Customer Loyalty Keeps Sofie's Scoops Going

Even in her college days, prior to being a business owner, Sofie knew the importance of customer loyalty. “Loyalty was built into my business plan from the beginning,”
she says. “Loyalty is part of the formula for this type of product.”

As a gelateria, Sofie’s Scoops depends on repeat sales from loyal customers, especially during the winter months when business is slower. To this end, Sofie implemented
a loyalty program that rewards her customers with a free gelato after 10 purchases. She and her staff love rewarding customers, stamping their loyalty cards with glee and turning the moment into an experience that goes beyond a simple transaction.

Olympia Pilot Retail Program

The Go Downtown app is a new world-class loyalty application developed by SnowShoe, a leader in mobile authentication. The app couples with a unique hardware solution, called the Spark Tap®, which allows for rapid customer check-ins and a frictionless loyalty rewards program. The gamified solution incentives shoppers to visit multiple stores and share favorite shopping loops with friends.

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