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Case Study: Shell International Increases Customer Visits with the Spark Stamp™

Shell International is embarking on a 10-year, billion dollar expansion in Mexico.

The fuel company wanted to find a loyalty solution that integrated seamlessly with their Fuel Rewards® program as part of the full-scale expansion. Shell chose SnowShoe as its loyalty partner because of the unique experience and security of Spark™ technology. As of 2020, Shell has opened 200 new service stations in Mexico. Working with the team at SnowShoe, Shell places Spark Stamps at each new location, allowing customers to collect fuel points and redeem rewards right from their mobile devices. S

Stamps Make it Easy for Customers to Collect Points at each Shell station

Rather than entering a member ID or swiping their loyalty cards at the pump, customers use the Fuel Rewards app on their phones. A simple touch of a customer’s phone to the mounted Stamp activates instant fuel savings. Once the Stamp confirms the rewards customer within Shell’s system, it triggers the pump to adjust the gas price.

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