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Olyphant: the only locally owned fine art supply store in Thurston County!

Paints, Brushes and Much More

Olyphant is the only locally owned fine art supply store in Thurston County. This is a big deal. “Other hobby and craft stores just don’t supply the quality materials that we do, which are so, so important when it comes to having an enjoyable experience creating artwork that will stand the test of time.”

Olyphant & Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is at the very heart of Olyphant. “We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the Olympia locals supporting us. Our customers have stuck with us as we’ve jumped to different locations and changed what inventory/services we have. They’ve stuck with us while we were going through a pandemic. They’ve stuck with us as the last owners were liquidating and the future of Olyphant was in jeopardy. And they’ve stuck with us since the new owners have taken over.”

The staff at Olyphant responds to that loyalty by being loyal to their customers and the community, by striving to have meaningful conversations with everyone that comes in, by trying to stay knowledgeable on what they’re carrying and what the best options for each artist are.

Olympia Pilot Retail Program

Olyphant signed up to participate in SnowShoe’s Spark-powered Go Downtown program in 2020. The Go Downtown program launched as part of the Olympia Downtown Alliance’s ongoing initiatives to encourage participation in local shopping, dining and entertainment. The Spark Loyalty powered app received tremendous support from shoppers and retail merchants in the Olympia area.

Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby supported Snowshoe’s program. “Olympia residents and visitors alike are enthusiastic supporters of local business,” said Selby.

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