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Case Study: Chi, Trees and Oils

A Peek Into the Future of Retail Loyalty

Most small business owners can only wish they had
the ability to foresee the future. Not Jessie Vyvyan:
She lists readiness for the future among her company’s
wide range of services.

Chi, Trees & Oils prides itself on offering healing
services and tools in a go-to space for all things
wellness. Jessie describes herself as an intuitive
empath and spirit medium. Her business sells
everything from massage therapy, meditation
coaching, reiki, tarot reading and yoga classes to CBD
products, crystals, elixirs, essential oils, smudge sticks,
teas and tinctures, all for the good of her clientele’s
collective mind, body and soul.

Powering Through the Pandemic

By the end of its first year in business, Chi, Trees & Oils
had attracted a loyal customer base of around 50 yoga
clients, but then the COVID pandemic hit and in-person
yoga services had to be discontinued. Jessie applied her
technical savvy to offer online shopping instead.
She modified her online video channel so customers paid
a lower price per session but on a regular subscription
basis. That model allowed her to continue meeting rent
on her sizable retail space while weathering a two-year

When regular business resumed, Jessie went on the hunt
for a digitized retail loyalty program that could reach both
existing and potential new clients without extending her
already overstuffed workweek. She added SnowShoe’s
Spark Loyalty retail loyalty platform to her repertoire in
the spring of 2022. Jessie’s customers have embraced Spark Loyalty as readily as she has.

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