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Featured Team Member: Bridgette Herrera

SnowShoe kicks off the new year with a bang by welcoming new team members and continuing its steady growth within the independent retail sector.

This week, we welcome Bridgette Herrera, an accomplished customer support professional with a decade of experience in the field. Bridgette will join our team of highly skilled staff providing immediate and helpful support to our customers around the country.

Bridgette first discovered her passion for connecting with people when she was 13 years old and started working at her local skating rink. She loved helping visitors have a positive experience while at the rink, and she naturally went above and beyond to make sure her customers were taken care of. 

Years later, Bridgette took on more customer service roles at large retailers such as Kmart and Macy’s. While at Kmart, Bridgette worked directly with the company’s loyalty program, manually awarding points to shoppers. She gained experience in how to handle unhappy customers when the store’s system would go down and she was unable to fully award the shoppers their points. Having had this experience, Bridgette is very much looking forward to providing support for Spark technology solutions, which do not require power or an internet connection. “If we had had the technology used in SnowShoe’s solutions, we wouldn’t have run into this problem,” she says.

Bridgette also spent a few years in LA building a career in teaching makeup at Nordstrom and Sephora. One of her proudest moments was helping a customer who was in the middle of transitioning, and she was looking to pick out makeup for the first time. “My sole purpose was to support her and make sure she looked on the outside how she felt on the inside.”

Joining the SnowShoe team helps Bridgette get back to one of her other interests – new technology. SnowShoe’s Spark solutions first piqued Bridgette’s interest because of our innovative technology and Covid-safe capabilities. The company’s recent acquisition of long-time partner Loyalti also caught Bridgette’s attention, as it signaled an exciting trajectory and growth opportunity for SnowShoe.

Welcome Bridgette!