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Press Release: Arts Walk Loops Offer a Fun, New Way to Experience Downtown Olympia

September 30, 2021 – OLYMPIA, WA — Olympia Arts Walk gets an added dose of fun this year with the addition of Arts Walk Loops. People visiting downtown Olympia can use Arts Walk Loops to discover  shops and businesses as well as win instant prizes when they complete a Loop. Arts Walk Loops are found inside Olympia’s new Go Downtown app, a free mobile and web application launched this summer by Pacific Northwest loyalty company SnowShoe as part of the Olympia Downtown Alliance’s initiative to support local businesses.

“Olympia residents and Arts Walk visitors alike are enthusiastic supporters of local business,” says Olympia mayor Cheryl Selby. “SnowShoe’s new program adds a fun gamification experience. Go Downtown offers us a way to thank people for coming downtown and encourage them to come again.”

Arts Walk Loops feature between three and six downtown businesses grouped into categories. Olympians can choose among three different Loops to complete: Art Venues, Food, and Shopping. The Food Loop, for instance, features a delicious journey through Swing Wine Bar, Octapas Cafe and Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar.


Image courtesy of Olympia Arts Walk

“The new Arts Walks Loops add a fun way for Olympians to explore downtown businesses and win prizes,” explains SnowShoe CEO Ned Hayes. “You can celebrate local artists and earn points in the Go Downtown game as you discover all downtown Olympia has to offer.”

Once a Loop is completed, a downtown visitor levels up to become an “Arts Walker” and wins an instant $5 in-person store discount redeemable at participating downtown locations. With every new loop completed, downtown visitors win another prize, which can be redeemed at over 30 stores downtown. 

Image courtesy of Olympia Arts Walk

To participate in Arts Walk Loops, simply use the free Go Downtown app (available for mobile Web, Apple and Android). The free Go Downtown app can be used as a mobile web application by visiting App users can set up an account in just a few short steps and then immediately start collecting points by “checking in” at downtown businesses. To check in, shoppers simply touch their mobile screens to the Spark check-in device in each of 60 participating downtown Olympia stores.

Hundreds of downtown shoppers and businesses have been using the Go Downtown app since July as a way to support the historic downtown retail district. Shoppers collect basic points by “checking in” at stores. When a shopper completes a “loop” (a grouped set of stores), then they earn many more points, which encourages downtown activities across the entire downtown shopping district.

Arts Walk Loop Featured Businesses Include:
Captain Little
Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar
Childhood’s End Gallery
Compass Rose
Octapas Cafe
Olympia Gear Exchange
Olyphant Art & Media
Orca Books Cooperative
Swing Wine Bar

Get the Go Downtown App
The free Go Downtown app is available now at for mobile web, iOS and Android.


The Go Downtown App
For images of the Go Downtown app, Spark Tap™ check-in device, and logos, click here.

About SnowShoe

SnowShoe is a Pacific Northwest-based technology company specializing in mobile check-in and loyalty solutions, led by long-time Olympia resident Ned Hayes, CEO. More information about SnowShoe.

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