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SnowShoe not only provides a unique and valuable customer experience for our clients, we also provide the highest level of support for technology, implementation and deployment.

How to use the Go Downtown Mobile App

The Go Downtown app is a new mobile experience designed for use in downtown Olympia. The Go Downtown app functions with the SnowShoe Spark Tap™ check-in device. Businesses place the Spark Tap near their register, visitors check in with the Go Downtown app by touching their device to the Tap, and accumulate loyalty points that can be redeemed for rewards. 

Steps in Go Downtown mobile app function. 

1. Spark Tap in store  2. Use the Go Downtown app on your phone,
3. Touch the app “tap” screen to the Tap device, 4. See your loyalty points. 

Spark Tap 1
Spark Tap 2
Spark Tap 3
Spark Tap 4


Spark Tap and Go Downtown app

Mobile App Navigation

The Go Downtown home screen shows your current loops and a button to create a new loop. You can also view your points and rewards levels from this primary screen. 

Shopper Identity and Login


Points and Levels



Store List




Loop Creation


Shopper Loops to Complete



See More Loops




Bottom navigation bar
(with icons for home, prizes, tap screen, stores, and sharing)



Spark Touch Application - Go Downtown

Support for Go Downtown Businesses

The Spark Tap™ was designed to allow businesses to reward their consumers for visiting their store. It requires no person-to-person contact, no batteries and works out of the package after you sign up. 

Customers who visit a single specialty retail store are more likely to visit other stores in the same district. Incentivizing this activity lifts repeat visits to the same set of stores by 30%-45%. That’s where we come in. SnowShoe has developed an application to reward shoppers for completing their favorite shopping routes, also known as loops. Shoppers will simply make a purchase and tap our device with their mobile phone to checkin and earn points.


How do I sign up and register my business?

  • Signing up is easy. Contact Todd Cutts or go to SnowShoe’s Olympia Retailer website ( Next, find your business on the website and enter your email address. A Spark Tap will be assigned and shipped 1-2 business days later. 


Is there a fee to use the device in my business?

  • No, there are no fees for members of the Olympia Downtown Alliance. This is a sponsored 2-year program. 


How do I know the device is working?

  • Your customers will receive a success message on their mobile screen and warm points after contact with the Tap. If it does not, ask them to reattempt with their phone flat on the device without fingertips on the screen. When your device comes in the mail, you will test this with your own mobile device, then look at your dashboard at SnowShoe’s Olympia Retailer website ( for your event. 


How do I clean and sanitize my Spark Tap?

  • The Spark Tap device is simple to clean and maintain. Simply spray down with alcohol and wipe with a towel. There is no need to do this between each use. 


How do I attach the Spark Tap without the magnets?

  • This device comes with a metal tethering cable which you can use to affix to a location on your counter. You may also use other hardware to attach.


Do I need to charge, connect or replace batteries on the Spark Tap?

  • No electricity or batteries are used with this device. The device simply sits on your counter and all you need is a person and a mobile phone.


Can I replace my Spark Tap if damaged or stolen?

  • Yes, the devices are replaceable.  Please contact SnowShoe to deactivate the current Spark Tap assigned to your business. A new device will be shipped. We recommend affixing your device in a location near your register.


How do I view my store’s data?

  • By logging into SnowShoe’s Olympia Retailer website (, you can view your store’s individual data. 


What information is available on the Olympia Retailer dashboard and website?

  • We report the following information:
  • Number of check-ins on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Range of hours in which customers do the most check-ins
  • Ranking of individual customers showing who checked-in the most


Does a shopper need to download an app to use the Go Downtown service?

  • No. The mobile app works just fine as a mobile website. Shoppers will simply scan the QR code on the tap, visiting or opening the “Go Downtown” mobile app.


Can a shopper start using the Go Downtown App without signing up for an account?

  • Yes. There is no sign-up required to start collecting points. Shoppers will instantly earn points for their first time interacting with the Spark Tap. The user will be presented with several options to sign up. More points are awarded after an account is created. 


How do they start getting points?

  • Instruct the shopper to visit where they can immediately tap their phone on the Spark Tap device in your store to get their first points.


What are loops in the Go Downtown app? Is my store a part of any loops?

  • Loops are self-defined shopping routes which create shopping habits. Shoppers will earn points checking in at individual stores and upon completion of their Loops. Points are also earned from sharing your Loop or completing someone else’s. Signing up and registering your store will ensure that your business is included. 


How do I add my store to loops?

  • To sign up for this promotion and to ensure your store is added to the Loops, you will first need to contact Todd Cutts and visit You’ll claim your store and provide an email address for verification and your account. A Spark Tap will be shipped to your business shortly after. 


Can a shopper get points if they don’t do loops?

  • Yes. Shoppers will start earning points the moment they tap the device for the first time. They will also receive points after creating an account. If a user shares the app via social media or uses the referral link, they will receive points when their friends tap the device for the first time. You will receive points when your friend’s have completed your Loop.


Does a shopper need a Go Downtown App account to redeem their points for prizes?

  • Yes. While you can earn points for your first purchase, you must have an account to continue earning and to redeem your points. 


Where can a shopper get the Go Downtown App?

  • The “Go Downtown” app is available for download in the Apple app store or the Android Google Play store. 


How does a shopper sign up for an account to use the Go Downtown App?

  • Upon using the Spark Tap for the first time, your shoppers will be prompted to create an account. they can sign up through various social media platforms, Google or simply create an account.


Where does a shopper go to redeem points with the Go Downtown App?

  • Within the app, you will pull up your Loops. You can view your accrued points and even view a list of businesses where you can redeem these for prizes.  


Can I redeem points in my shop for people using the Go Downtown app?

  • Only designated shops can do so. Within the app, you will be able to view the list of businesses that you can redeem your points at. Only these businesses will have a special device to redeem the points. 


Is the Go Downtown app and the Spark Tap compatible with my current loyalty program?

  • Compatibility will depend on your program and the system you currently use. Contact SnowShoe or further information on compatibility and integration. 


If my shoppers have points recorded on a punch card or other loyalty system, can I transfer these points into the Go Downtown app?

  • No. Unfortunately they will not “roll over”. This is a new promotion and therefore any individual businesses’ program will not be integrated. 


If shoppers ask me for help with the Go Downtown app, should I help them?

  • If you are able to assist your customer with their app, it is recommended. Helping the customer find stores, loops and the tap screen might be necessary. 


Can a shopper use the Go Downtown app in other towns, outside Olympia?

  • No, This application and promotion is specially designed for businesses in the Downtown Association of Olympia. Only stores that are signed up will have access to the Spark Tap devices. 


If I run a restaurant, could I get a Spark Tap to load a menu for my visitors, one for each table?

  • Our Technology provides our customers with endless ways to use the device. If you are interested in utilizing the Spark Tap devices in other ways, please contact SnowShoe directly for more information including pricing. 


Can I add more Spark Taps to multiple sites of my business in downtown Olympia?

  • Yes. If you have more than one business in downtown Olympia, we can deploy a Spark Tap to any that you wish to register.  Go to SnowShoe’s Olympia Retailer website (, find your other business on the website and enter your email address.


How do I get more Spark Taps for my multiple business sites in downtown Olympia?

  • We will register and ship a Spark Tap to any location that is signed up within downtown Olympia. 


Can I add more Spark Taps to multiple sites of my business outside downtown Olympia?

  • Only stores that are in the Olympia Downtown Association are able to add devices to this program. 
  • To use this technology at other locations in a separate application, please contact SnowShoe directly for more information regarding ordering devices, pricing and use cases.


Can I move my Spark Tap to my other business in another city or town, outside Olympia?

  • No, currently this promotion is limited to businesses in the Olympia Downtown Association.


Where do I go online to see more information and learn about the Spark Tap and the Go Downtown app?

  • You may visit SnowShoe’s Olympia Retailer website (



Contacting Business Customer Support

SnowShoe provides trusted technology and our privacy policy provides comprehensive protection for your data. Our dedicated customer support team can help, day or night.

SnowShoe’s dedicated customer support team helps with:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Device set-up
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Any other questions or issues which may arise

SnowShoe provides U.S.-based native English real-time support agents.


Phone: 503.713.5644

The SnowShoe Customer Support Team is available via phone and email to assist during standard business hours:

  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:30am – 5pm