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About Us

SnowShoe provides world-class presence solutions that pinpoint retail locations and lock in customer loyalty. SnowShoe’s innovative IOT-based event marker bridges the last mile between digital identity and physical presence. We make location smarter. 

SnowShoe’s team is located in Portland, Oregon where nine months of rain makes for breathtaking views, the craft beer and coffee are local, and our mountains, valleys and coastline provide the world’s best playground.

Our Story

Distinguished by our proprietary technology and experienced team, SnowShoe delivers solutions worldwide for enterprises interested in understanding consumer behavior and optimizing retail and event experiences.  

SnowShoe is proud to be a female-founded company. Less than 2% of U.S. enterprise software startups have at least one female founder. As a team, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as one of our pillars for conducting our business.

Founded by two graduate students and led by an innovative team, SnowShoe has been lauded by TechStars and the Disney Accelerator program. SnowShoe’s unique technology is proprietary and is protected by 32 patents in 18 countries. Read more about our innovative technology and check our Developer FAQ for details. 

Today, SnowShoe has landed global customers and is known for bold innovations in hardware design and consumer-ready loyalty software. SnowShoe solutions are adapted for many loyalty and event use cases. Read our customer case studies here.


Our Values

Amy Shephard, Store Manager, Captain Little, Olympia WA

1. Integrity
The SnowShoe team demonstrates trustworthy behavior in all activities and engenders trust with teammates, partners and customers. We act as trustworthy individuals.

2. Teamwork
We are respectful of colleagues and we each make  valuable contributions to build team success. Helping each other is a core value at SnowShoe.

3. Customer Focus
Every decision prioritizes SnowShoe’s customers. We think of both the long-term customer needs for a scalable sustainable system, as well as the near-term inputs from customers. We are highly responsive to customer feedback. 

4. Innovation
Creativity and problem-solving leads to true innovation, and the SnowShoe team finds inventive ways to accomplish our business and technology objectives. New ideas are valuable.

5. Action with Quality Results
At SnowShoe, a bias for action is combined with attention to detail – we get things done in order to deliver high quality outcomes. We undertake thoughtful, well-reasoned action targeted for success. 

Featured Team Member: Karen Jensen

Next up is our incredible Customer Success Manager, Karen Jensen.

An experienced customer service manager with a background in online retail, Karen ensures that our customers have a smooth and highly successful experience with SnowShoe.

With more than a decade of experience in customer service behind her, Karen has come to develop highly effective strategies to achieve customer success and satisfaction. She explains that it all hinges on good communication, managing expectations, and letting clients know she is here for them. 

Featured Team Member: Mahlek Roberts

The dynamic and fast-paced culture of small technology companies attracts creative and self-motivated go-getters.  This is certainly the case with Mahlek Roberts, our key sales leader in the Midwest.

SnowShoe’s Sales Team is full of people who truly care about helping small businesses connect with their customers, and one team member who embodies this spirit best is Mahlek Roberts. Mahlek joined SnowShoe in 2022 and has built valuable relationships with many wonderful merchants in the midwest and beyond.

“It goes beyond just selling a product,” Mahlek says. “I love being able to enable people. That’s the way that I view sales – helping, empowering and enabling people to be in a better position. I love helping independent businesses build a better relationship with their customers and market their business with such powerful but simple software.”


The SnowShoe team is led by experts in identity, authentication, hardware design and software engineering at scale. We are a lot like our hometown of Portland — a little quirky, a little nerdy, quite a bit bookish, and full of passion for what really matters.

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Karen Jensen

Customer Success

Kira Cleveland

& Engineering

Ashley Coates

Ashley Coates

Marketing & Sales

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