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Grow Your Retail Loyalty with SnowShoe

25 Million

Global check-in events done with SnowShoe


Small retailers use loyalty nationwide


More buying from highly engaged retail customers


Of your loyal customers don’t want to carry a printed stamp card

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Welcome to SnowShoe! We are a locally-owned independent business based out of Portland, OR. Our mission is to empower independent retailers with market-leading technology, helping them to build a loyal and engaged customer base. We developed the state-of-the-art Spark Loyalty® system specifically to meet the needs of small businesses: It’s easy, simple, inexpensive, and it just works. The Spark® system has registered more than 25 million check-in events in 1,000 locations worldwide in countries around the world. Contact us to learn  more about Spark Loyalty and other Spark solutions used by businesses all over the world for event ticket validation, access management, and so much moreFind out more >